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Core Values

Self Care Clean is a concierge cleaning company meant to provide service with care and compassion to help families achieve a more clean and peaceful home life.


Creating a company where clients and cleaners are equally as respected and valued is a passion for me. I myself am not passionate about cleaning. I am passionate about helping people. 


It is also as important to me to provide individuals who join my team with opportunities for growth. We've seen what happens when companies exploit workers and pay poverty wages. Likewise, when you aren't struggling to survive you have time to pursue a life that brings you joy. You can innovate and create. This is a business model based on mutual respect and interdependence rather than entitlement.


Family Time


Self Care Clean was started with the purpose of giving others the peaceful home life they deserve.

As a woman and a mother I understand the feeling of vulnerability that comes with letting a stranger into your home. I also understand that sometimes we enter seasons where we could use an extra pair of hands.


My goal is to provide service with care and compassion and to help families achieve a more clean and peaceful home life.

Happy Family




Self-Care and cleaning is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. For years I had struggled with depression, low energy and the shame of having a depression nest. What I learned from wrestling with ambitious goals, depression, and motherhood is that sometimes you just have to accept help. I realized that I could do it all, but I didn't have to do it alone. 

I created my company with the intention of helping people like myself; the ambitious mother, the healing person and the cleaner who wants to feel respected and have a job they love.  

If you hire Self Care Clean you support your own journey and a BIPOC female owned company.


Jihan Machuca

Family at a Beach
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